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update... Yes I am still alive... [May. 30th, 2012|01:53 pm]
The season at The Grand is all but over. There were some annoyances but over all it was a descent season.

GARF was much fun this year and I was able to see many friends but not enough time was spent there.

The summer is starting up and I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family and doing some side work to pay the bills.

I have been in a packing frenzy so that new linoleum could be laid in the house. I will not be unpacking all those boxes. I may be tossed out of my house in a few months or choose to move out in a year but at least much of the stuff will already be packed.

My A/C seems to be acting stupid. I think it is low on freon again.

Luna is getting really old. She is starting to loose weight again and I am really worried about her. Urza is doing well. The aquarium needs some love in the form of $ for supplies. I hope it survives the summer.

I am as always looking for new employment opportunities that will offer me a salary or at the minimum consistent work for most of the year. If anyone hears of anything in my field (Technical Theatre (Tech Director, Lighting Designer/Master Elect, Sound engineer, etc.)) Please shoot me a line.